Brand Creation

Brand Creation -Our team will thoroughly review your competition, market, focus, and personality. We will work with you to design and choose your logo, colors, fonts, and slogan, if applicable. We also offer website design and photoshoot add ons. 

Reputation Management

Anyone in the public eye is more accessible than ever before because of social media, publications, and the online web. Our team at BURST works behind the scenes to help protect your personal brand, negotiate contracts, and be your trusted partner.

Behind The Scenes Consulting (BTS)

Outsource all logistical and talent booking needs through our comprehensive solution. BURST offers our clients the resources of a full team of professionals to help on set. Whether it be a film & TV production, event, or something else, we’ve got it covered.

Custom Merchandise

Via our partner, we build direct-to-fan brands for the world’s top talent. We offer millions of design options to convey your vibe and personality — helping you connect with the audience you represent.

Social Media Management

After we create your brand, we will attract, nurture, and convert followers into loyal fans or customers with engaging content. We handle Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

Non Tangible Token Sets (NFT)

The evolution of art collecting is here. Our team of talented graphic designers are here to create exclusive pieces of digital art that is uniquely yours for generations to come.